• Gangsta-chowder

    Guess what! I happened to find the three unreleased episodes on! Unfortunately ,one of them had a ton of glitches halfway. That happened to be Jimmy Ron Cricket. If the creators or anyone else has a non glitchy copy of that episode in English, let me know.

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  • Gangsta-chowder

    OK. So apparently the new episodes of Pig Goat Banana Cricket haven't been appearing on the internet after they aired on television. What's the holdup? Anyone who has links to the recently aired episodes must put a link down below on where to watch so that we wouldn't have to wait for days. The episode "Ding A Ling Bros Circus" has yet to surface on the internet despite airing in a week.

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  • DragoTheWolf

    2017 Episodes

    April 22, 2017 by DragoTheWolf

    I might be wondering how the 2017 new episodes will premire. I know that the show moved to Nickelodeon's sister network Nicktoons instead of the main channel, and that they aired it on Wednesdays at 6:00PM.

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  • Nick mick

    New episodes: WHEN????

    March 18, 2017 by Nick mick

    No, I'm just asking, when the heck there will be new episodes of Pig Goat Banana Cricket?????? I mean- was this just made to be screwed up BEFORE the second season?????????????????????

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  • DragoTheWolf

    Happy Chalawunga 2016

    December 25, 2016 by DragoTheWolf

    Happy Chalawunga, brosefs!!

    I hope that you're all having a good Chalawunga Boo-Bunga time. ;D

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  • Nick mick

    First, I don't exactly know if "AWFUL" is a so curse that it doesn't have to be mentioned in sites like here, word, so if it is just rewrite it.

    Second, Nickelodeon, the biggest family network across the world, it's confirmed that it SUCKS.... I heard nowadays that C.H. Greenblatt was forced to apologize on CartoonBrew for Harvey Beaks'..... treatment???? I mean WOW, even in that time they can't understand that their treatment on their series is very bad. Another example is Pig Goat Banana Cricket, a pretty unpopular show, which aired only for a year on Nick. And before Season 1 ended, they decided to can the series, by putting it on Nicktoons for the rest of Season 1 and, oh god, Season 2. However, I was thinking that the network was going…

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  • Nick mick

    Who else likes the show??

    October 21, 2016 by Nick mick

    Guys, I've fell in LOVE with that show. The characters are, even if little stereotypical, much developed, the stories and how they collide each one at the end are awesome, the music is good.... I mean, the series doesn't deserve so much hate like Sanjay & Craig (which I actually liked from Season 2) and Breadwinners!! Oh, and most of the jokes are creative!!!! For example, in Mall Ya Later, a spirit comes from his... yeah... but he says to him that he has to do what he treally wants in his life, even if it's illegal). The point is that all the good elements are not at ALL centered about just butts, like Breadwinners, which could have been a success without the butt-deuce (you know).
    Also, I have to admit that, while the cast really tries wi…

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  • Conect11

    jelly the cheerleading panda (also known as sally bollypanda as a plush) is the only female character of Greasy Gus's Animatronic Band, she is a parody of rock afire's only female, mitzi mozzarella. she debuted banana-ised, while Banana wants to date her so badly,

    • her voice actor was sarah aubrey, who voice sally bollywood on the show of the same name
    • her love song for banana is peace and love to you, is a parody of a song from sally bollywood episode, sos saris
    • she has a indian accent
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  • Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan

    The first 15 episodes that aired are in random production order. Seriously, if the production order was going up in order from 101 to 115, the airing order would go like this.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 15

    Episode 4

    Episode 10

    Episode 5

    Episode 9

    Episode 3

    Episode 11

    Episode 7

    Episode 6

    Episode 8

    Episode 12

    Episode 13

    Episode 14

    Well, mostly random.

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  • SirBlaze

    2016 Episodes

    December 9, 2015 by SirBlaze

    I wonder how the 2016 episodes will premiere. I wonder if they will continue the Friday nights at 7:30PM form or if they'll go back to the Saturday mornings at 9:30AM form.

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  • Redbreast

    aam (All Aout Me)

    August 26, 2015 by Redbreast

    I am a female and I can pull off pig's voice. like goat, I can play instruments really well, but only woodwind. I'm super smart like Cricket, which means I was a top student. like banana, I'm a gamer girl.

    I don't like it when people make rude comments or ethentic jokes about the UK. the USA is not the only country. I hate it when people make fun of the picture on my profile. just because I am on a different wiki, it does not mean I need to change it every single time.

    that's it for now. I will get back to my blog as soon as possible

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