Cricket WOO


  • Cricket was originally named Mantis, but was renamed to Cricket because Nickelodeon had another character named Mantis on Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Before this, he also had a deeper voice.
    • Before this, he was simply going to be a robot, thus making the show name Pig Goat Banana Robot. Then he became Mantis which resulted in the events above.
  • He has an odd fear of lemonade stands, as said in "The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts".
    • Globert, a green blob that can speak (whom Cricket considers his son)
  • He is shown to have affection towards Goat. Goat does not have the same feelings towards him but still likes him as a friend.
  • He secretly video records their picnics on occasion, as revealed in "Pig Goat Banana Cricket High Five!".
  • He has read Melba's diary before.
  • He has the ability to drive, shown in "Underpants-Palooza" and "Bananaland".
  • He is the only main character to not wear clothes.
  • His voice actor, Paul Rugg, is known for playing the roles of Manny the Uncanny, Alistair Flyndiggery and Vanessa on Disney's One Saturday Morning which ran from 1997-2002.


  • So far, he has invented the following:
    • Burgerstein, a "Frankenstein" like creation that has a cheeseburger for a head, a robotic arm and an arm with a living dog's head on it.
    • Beauty Goo, a substance that turns something beautiful on contact
    • Ugly Juice, a substance that turns something ugly on contact
    • The Fudge Bubbler, a complex machine that makes large bubbles out of fudge
    • Mecha Foot, a robotic version of Filthy the Foot that makes sparkle eggs
    • Super Nuclear Suck-Matic 9000, a vacuum cleaner with extreme force
    • Electromagnetic Star Gazer, a telescope with the ability to see in space
    • Total Immersion Entertainment, a television that one can literally go inside
    • Exploding Alarm Clock
    • Atomic Wedgie Picker, a robotic hand that relieves wedgies
    • Pizza Hammer
    • Smart Guy Spray
    • The Baby Maker, a pink ray gun with an attached milk bottle that turns someone into a baby
    • Nose Prison, a wearable square helmet resembling a prison to prevent nose picking