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Let's Get Tiny
Season 1, Episode 10
Let's Get Tiny
First Aired
September 18, 2015
Germany flag
September 16, 2016
October 10, 2016
Flag of Poland
June 13, 2017
Viewers (millions) 1.39
Production Code 110
Writer(s) David Sacks, Johnny Ryan, Merriwether Williams
Director(s) Carl Faruolo, Kim Roberson
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"DJ Wheelbarrow Full of Nachos"
"Miss Cutesy Meow Meows"

"Let's Get Tiny" is the 10th episode in Season 1 of Pig Goat Banana Cricket.


Pig wants to help a whale with his blowhole; Goat is accused of stealing from a museum; Cricket helps a team of bacteria cheerleaders; Banana plots to get his old boss back.



  • This episode is a reference to Tiny Timmy! from The Fairly Oddparents!, another Nickelodeon show.
  • Cricket wears a cheerleader's outfit for the first time. This marks the first crossdressing incidence in the series.
  • The quartet can be seen in their swimsuits for the second time.
  • As Goat was being transported from the beach to the museum, her attire changes off-screen in midair from a swimsuit to her normal clothing.
  • At one point, Ranger Slothbones makes a reference to a moment in "Pig Goat Banana Cricket High Five!" in which Banana decides to call all the Junior Rangers by Greg.
  • Earlier in the episode, Pig refers to himself as "Pignacious Apollonia Plutonoius III", even though that wasn't his official name.
  • When Cricket receives a Brozillium Carbine as a "trophy", there is a man that bears a striking resemblance to Fred Durst, lead singer of the Nu Metal band Limp Bizkit.
  • Inside the biker bar full of biker paintings, there is a poster that slightly resembles the Harley-Davidson logo.

Running Gag

  • The pecs rabbit flexing his big muscles.