Welcome to the Pig Goat Banana Cricket Wiki! In order to use this website, you must abide by our rules. The rules are as follows:

  • You must be at least 13 years old to use this website. This is a part of Fandom's Terms of Service.
  • Please don't use swear words when making a comment or message in the chat room.
  • Bullying, defaming or otherwise harassing others is obviously not tolerated and will result in a ban on the first offense.
  • Disrespecting an administrator or chat moderator is not tolerated.
  • Do not edit just for badges. These edits will be reverted if they are seen to be useless.
  • When editing, please try to add the correct templates. If you fail to add them, it is not a bad thing. An admin will likely correct it for you but please don't do this too often.
  • If you make a page with nothing on it or something silly, it will be deleted and you will be blocked.
  • Do not add Fanon material. This wiki is for legitimate episodes and characters. If you want to add a story to a Wikia page, please add it to the Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki.
  • Please do not roleplay here. This is more welcome on the Pig Goat Banana Cricket Fanon Wiki.
  • Do not add media (photos, videos) that is unrelated to the show, unless it is for your user page only. For example, if you add a picture of SpongeBob to your user page and no where else, it is acceptable.
  • If you are blocked and one of our admins believe you are coming back under a different account, that one will be banned as well. Block evasion is against Fandom's policy as well.
  • Please do not mention "shipping" in the comments. It can be annoying for other users.
  • Do not add photos that were taken from a camera. We only accept screenshots.
  • More rules may be added if needed.

If you continuously fail to follow these rules, you will likely be blocked/banned from the wiki. Blocks and bans depend on the severity of the actions done by the perpetrator. Along with these rules, remember to have fun and enjoy the wiki!