Pig Goat Banana Cricket


Theme Song/Intro

The Theme Song for Pig Goat Banana Cricket is an instrumental metal song. However, there are still kids shouting "PIG!" "GOAT!" "BANANA!" "CRICKET!" as the characters are being introduced. Pig, Goat, Banana and Cricket also state their names at the end of the song.

During this 40 second sequence, The Treehouse is shown for 1 second. Pig opens the kitchen's refrigerator to find a jar of pickles. Goat's head then pops out of the jar as she jumps out and plays a note on her guitar. She lands in the living room and throws her guitar at Banana while he plays his handheld video game. He then falls into Cricket's lab as he works on his rocket, which caused it to assemble in the lab. The quartet then appear on screen and get sucked into the rocket as it takes off into Boopelite. As this occurs, a 6-eyed monster is seen atop a building, similar to the King Kong movies. As the quartet begin to panic in the rocket, it goes directly into the monster's right nostril, causing it to sneeze. The quartet are then seen riding on the trail of the monster's mucus as they shout their names. The show's logo appears, leading into the episode.

This song sounds similar to "Asche zu Asche" by Rammstein.

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